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Actors of Elaine, Jerry, and George on a couch



Jerry, George and Elaine are coming to a city near you! “SINGFELD! A MUSICAL ABOUT NOTHING” is now available for both professional and amateur licensing! Inquiring production companies may fill out the form below.



The producers of “SINGFELD!” are excited for theaters across the globe to take on the Off-Broadway hit & bring some of television’s most beloved characters to a theater near you! Throughout it’s run, the show has brought in fans all across the New York City area, eager to reconnect with the sitcom that defined a decade. The show’s dynamic cast of 5 actors span a wide range of the series’ most iconic characters & provide opportunities for actors of all ages and backgrounds. Upon request, access can be provided for the show’s accompaniment track & streaming rights. “SINGFELD!” features a simplistic, flexible set, which can easily be adapted at a director’s discretion.


Bring all your favorite characters to your theatre’s season today! 

Looking to License "Singfeld"?

After the submission of this form is completed, we will get back to you about the status of your application. If the decision is made to move forward with your license, pricing information will be sent via email & materials can be sent to your organization.

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